This week was hard. Like many, we have been wondering what the coming school year would be like and this week, those of us that live in Oregon got word that we will be fully online in the fall. 

It feels really heavy. 

Both Jessi and I read a blog post this week by Ann Voskamp and while much of it resonated with how we were feeling, one line stood out. 

“Holding space for the Unknown.”

And it hit me that is the weight that I’m carrying. It’s all the unknown. The unknown not just about school but how long and how hard the pandemic will affect our world.

In the video, we want to share some of how we are processing this and to talk about three tools that we are using to bring us back into the present moment with ourselves, our families, our jobs, and everything else that we are carrying.

  1. Focusing on the donut and not the hole.
  2. Letting go of expectations.
  3. Doing the next right thing for our family.