Resources for Parenting

For a more personal roadmap.

Our specialized resources for parenting provide you with more personal tools and support when your family needs a little extra help. 

Parent Coaching Parenting Resource 

Parent Coaching is a unique relationship with the main purpose of supporting you to be your best self both as a parent and in life. In each coaching session, you will gain personal and practical tools for intentional living.

Individual Support for Your Family. 

  • A safe place for you to share the challenges you are facing.
  • Purposeful questions to help unpack the needs of you and your family.
  • Research based knowledge on how to meet the needs of your family in practical and simple ways.
  • Individually designed actions steps that you can immediately put into practice. 
  • Personal ongoing support as you put action steps into practice in your family.
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Resources for parenting

“Feeling completely disconnected with my-self as a woman and mother, I felt frustrated, guilty, and without focus. After the very first session, my hope was restored. Hannah asked questions that were relevant, and I was able to answer. She gave me clarity and simple steps to achieve. Each week I became more intentional and felt empowered.” 

  Parenting Resource  

Brain Breakthrough Therapy

The goal of Brain Breakthrough Therapy is to ensure the brain and the nervous system is working the way that it should. Often, the signals within the brain and nervous system can become confused or off-course due to trauma/anxiety, genetic predispositions, or concussions resulting in neurological problems surrounding learning, and learning issues. If you are someone you love struggles with anxiety, trauma, dyslexia, reading issues, or the impact of a concussion, Brain Breakthrough Therapy can help.

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Is BBT right for you?

  • Do you struggle with anxiety or panic attacks?
  • Does it feel like you live life in a “fog”?
  • Do you stumble over words when you read out loud?
  • How often do you read things more than once?
  • Is the thought of reading exhausting to you?
  • Has life been more difficult since your concussion?
  • Does it feel like learning is easier for everyone else?

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Resources for parenting

“Let me tell you, this was a LIFE changing week for me. It was healing in so many ways that I can not even put words to. It was mental, emotional, and spiritual process for me. All the years of struggling came pouring out, the hurt, the pain, and disappointments. I went from reading a two page high school text with zero comprehension to reading 4 page high school text with a 9 out of 10 comprehension.”

More Resources for Parenting

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