Best Online Parenting Classes

We help create more peace in your home through online parenting classes, school-wide programs, and weekly parenting tips.

Best Online Parenting Classes

Online parenting classes to give you knowledge and tools to start experiencing more peace today. 

Best Online Parenting Classes

Weekly tips and encouragement from Action Parenting Experts to help navigate the day-to-day life of parenting. 

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Our online parenting classes offer research-based tools for parents. From the comfort of your own home, get help meeting your child’s social and emotional needs. 

Our online parenting class, “Big Emotions and What Parents Can Do” will teach you how to strengthen your family against stress and anxiety so you can start experiencing more peace today. 


We believe parenting happens best in community. Our school-wide programs help meet the social and emotional needs of the entire school.

Get support for teachers, students and parents with our one of a kind program. We work with you to design a program that meets your school’s unique needs.

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Our exclusive Action Parenting Facebook Groupwill connect you with other parents as well as provide access to our experts.

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For more personal support, our resource page will connect you with experts who can help. 


To be strong is the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure.”

The mission of ACTION PARENTING is to help your family withstand the great force and pressure of parenting in an anxious world.

Our vision is to see healthy and strong families who feel supported with tools and community to provide for their children’s social and emotional needs. 

Strengthen your family today! Take one of our online parenting classes, connect with our online Facebook community, and get personal resources from our ACTION PARENTING partners.

best online parenting classes

Our Flagship Online Parenting Class – “Big Emotions and What Parents Can Do”

Start your Action Parenting journey today from the comfort of your own home. Our parenting class combines the latest research with practical action steps to help you support your child. Learn how to parent big emotions and experience more peace in your home. 


What Parents are saying

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“I enjoyed many things, but especially the practical things that can easily be applied: the brain therapy and the grounding techniques”

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“I would highly recommend this course to any parent. It is practical, not overly tedious, and applicable.”

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“I love the length of this course. It is manageable and not burdensome. It is practical and easy to apply.”

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“Any parent who wants tools to help themselves and their kids manage their anxiety should absolutely take this course!”

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